E14 INvest

Co-investing for future values


E14 Invest is a co-investment company based in Åre. They invest in scalable growth companies located in the region along highway E14, between Sundsvall on the Swedish East coast and Trondheim just on the other side of the Norweigian border.

The goal is to support local entrepreneurship as well as making long term, sustainable investments with good revenue for the investors. They also make a smaller share of investments outside the region in especially interesting cases.

E14 Invest was created in close collaboration with House Be. However, it is an independent company. The two are still closely related and collaborates frequently.


The partners are our most valuable assets.

Our partners have one thing in common; the E14 region has a special place in their hearts. They have chosen to invest capital and competence into E14 Invest in order to combine a (hopefully) good revenue with continued contribution to the local entrepreneurship and its growth. It is a very varied group of investors with a wide range of different experiences, qualifications and overall a large and fruitful network, which becomes important values for our investments. 


Should we invest in your company?

We are looking for scalable growth companies that need capital, both financial and human, to be able to take the next step in their growth. The important thing is that you, with our help, will reach a significant growth curve that is supported by a strong business plan and a competent team. Industry or company size is not what matters - sustainable values and long term growth goals is. We want to let loose your potential to maximize our mutual revenue!


In order to get the most out of an investment, for our members as well as for the companies we invest in, we believe in building partnerships with local operators. That is why we have a range of different collaborations with Peak Region, Almi Företagspartner, Almi Invest and Norrlandsfonden amongst others. That way, we can offer larger investments, wider networks and more support.

E14 Invest is closely related to House Be and we work together to offer partners as well as entrepreneurs the best possible service and support there is. Together we also aim to create a well-functioning ecosystem that creates a strong value for the entrepreneurs in the region.


We believe that by combining the three following ingredients we can create long term, sustainable investments for investors and entrepreneurs as well as for the region:

1. a diverse network of interesting individuals

2. a passion for the local lifestyle combined with the entrepreneurship that is unique to this region

3. a philosophy that includes heart and well as head

Our core values:

• Heart in the right place: We invest with our hearts as well as with our heads

• Aiming for growth: We focus on growth - in our investments as well as for the region

• Mutual respect: We believe in treating each other with respect and transparency. Fair deals are good deals - for everybody.


Do you want to hear more about us or have any questions?

Contact any of the board members listed below.

Could your company be of interest to us?

Send an application! Before establishing contact we would like to recieve more information about you. Fill in the fields below to best ability and, if possible, include a company presentation or a prospectus. We will contact you once we have read through your proposal. Our policy is to give feedback on all applications, but it might take a few weeks since we meet with many companies.  

*By applying, you approve E14 Invest, House Be and partners who it may concern to take part of the material, but not to redistribute it. E14 Invest and House Be has the right to archive and register the material and communication, until you demand it to be returned or destroyed.


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