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Work. Play. Be. This is what it boils down to. A place to meet, play and do amazing work.


join a growing community of like-minded do:ers

What once was the home of the ”Air Guests” of the early 20th century has been transformed into a melting pot for the tech and creativity industry – From House B to House Be. As a member you get access to conference rooms, work areas and social spaces suitable for both lectures and the odd foosball tournament. Oh, and a sauna. 

In short, House Be is the spot where like-minded entrepreneurs, creatives, developers and angel investors meet up, work and socialise.  

Built around a membership-model. House Be have an offering for both residential companies as well as businesses seeking a temporary solution.

Johan Formgren, CEO at ItsInTheNode pitching for Anna Kinberg-Batra, Leader of the Opposition in Sweden


Through a flex membership you get your own desk at House Be. You also get access to all benefits on a free 3 month-contract. The membership is person-specific, meaning you alone can utilize it. This is the membership for individuals in companies that want to try out the Åre-lifestyle. 


Through a fix membership you can either rent based on square meters or number of seats. You get access to all benefits and a lower price compared to Flex, but still with only a 12 month contract (3 month termination plan). Call yourself and your company a local with this membership. 


Starting winter 2017 we will offer a startup-program from within House Be. Together with some of the best mentors, accelerators, angel investors and industry experts in Sweden the program is currently being set up. Apply for a spot in the very first class and lets get your baby to the moon. 


Business angel? VC? Investor? Read on. 

We're currently working on a very interesting offering with investors in mind. 

If you've got as much love for Åre as we do, invest in companies with their minds set on moving mountains as warm-up - We should talk. Things are progressing FAST. 

Contact: ulrika@house-be.com

Staffan Helgesson, Founder of Creandum, in a fireside chat